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- All the prices include the preparation of the support, painting, and clearcoating.
- I won't clearcoat already painted object by other.

- Shipping cost will be charged to the customer acording to the rates in force (weight).

Payment only by bank check (verified with a bank). Paypal is possible but you'll have 4% additional to the final price.

All customization asking will be followed by a quotation by e-mail, detailed according to the project. A 25% deposit is required from the point the quotation is agreed. Time of realisation may vary from 1 to 6 weeks according to the project.

Virtual tests are attached to the quotation and final pics will be sent before delivery of the guitar, so, no claim will be accepted about a "non conform" final project. As well, a swirl paint job is a random tehcnique and the result won't be contest.


It is impossible to make a table of prices, as customizable objects are varied in size and shapes. Do not hesitate to contact me by mail for a quote.


Paypal :

Once the quote is accepted, you can here make a direct and secure payment by Paypal.
Enter the TOTAL price (customizing + shipping if any)
increase of 4% will be applied.


Fidelity :

You have ever asked for my services ? A 10% discount will be applied to your next project !


Sponsorship :

You are one of my customers ?
Talk about my job to your friends, coming from you they'll get a
5% discount


Payment facilities :

2, 3 or 4 times payment is possible (the number depending on the price of quotation).
Bank checks will be sent with the guitar and will be cashed in 2, 3 or 4 months at the date you'll choose.


Shipping cost : (euros €)

  France European Union Africa - USA - Canada Asia - South America
0 - 5 kg 10 20 40 65
5 - 10 kg 15 30 80 120
10 - 20 kg 20 65 130 170
20 - 30 kg 25 90 180 250