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Who am I ?

Living near Bordeaux (France) I have been attracted by Rock/Metal music for long and fascinated by the culture that it relates, so I am passionate about cars, motorcycles, guitars, tattoos...

I'm not coachbuilder, my profession is very far from that, but the different experiences in my life made me working on different materials,
bodycars in particular, and improve myself in painting jobs.

I already perfomed a lot of customizations in different domains
(cars, pocket bikes, decorative objects, musical instruments...)

Although I'm not an "artisan" in the first sense, I'm however registered at the french index of companies and establishments as an "auto-entrepreneur", in order to live my passion for customization, and for you to enjoy my knowledge and my handmade know-how.

I'm also a biker.


At the end of your project, you will receive a questionnaire to help me improve the quality of my services.
You can make any comments which you deem necessary, and fill the guestbook.

Worldwide publication of an article in the Pro International magazine.

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