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  For sale

Here you'll find my creations and stuff for guitars for sale


Ibanez RG470 - Koi

- Body comes from an Ibanez RG470 made in Japan.
- Pickup configuration HSH.
- This body was made for a Lo-TRS trem but the trem cavity has been increase in order to enter other trems (Edge Pro, Edge III).
- Monkey Grip
- Paint : beige with japanese set artist done with airbrush
- Wizzard II neck 24 cases rosewood fingerboard comes from an Ibanez RG350.
- Hardware color "cosmo black" but trem arm (black) and selector button (white)
- Ibanez Edge III tremolo
- 3 white Dimarzio Evolution pickups (Steve Vai's models)

Price : 800 euros



Rosewood fingerboard for RG/JEM kind Ibanez neck.
Ornamentation : Pyramids (blue-green-violet colors).
Fits lots of 24 cases Ibanez necks.
Frets not provided

Price : 50 euros



Paul Beuscher LP - Roses

90's Made in Japan Paul Beuscher LP.
Black Sapphir paint and roses patterns.

Changed parts to match the new paint :
- Blackoutons de potards noirs
- Black pickup surround plates.
- Black Rythm/Treble plate and switch cap.
- Clear plexiglas pickguard and truss rod cover.

Price : 390 euros



IBANEZ RG350 - Summertime

Paint :
- swirl yellow-red-black with touch of green.
- golden pearl.
- headstock matching.

- Wizzard II neck 24 cases rosewood fingerboard.
- Black hardware.
- Floyd Ibanez Edge III.
- pickups : Ibanez INF3 and INF4 humbuckers, INFS3 single.
- transparent plexiglass pickguard.

Price : 650 euros



IBANEZ RG470 - Arabesque

Paint :
- wood appearance keeped with red apple candy added.
- "gold satin" arabesque pattern and binding couleur.

- Wizzard II neck 24 cases rosewood fingerboard.
- Golden hardware.
- Floyd lo TRS pro.

Price : 500 euros