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- All the prices include the preparation of the support, painting, and clearcoating.
- I do not accept already sanded guitar, it is already part of my packages.
- I won't clearcoat already painted guitars by other.
- I do not paint the pickups and buttons (knobs, switch)
- Shipping cost will be charged to the customer acording to the rates in force (weight).
Guitar disassembling/reassembling electronic and mechanical is not included in the painting packages. This is part of a specific package (see fee schedule)but providing guitar already disasembled is accepted, you will get back the parts finished and ready to reassembly.

Payment only by bank check (verified with a bank). Paypal is possible but you'll have 4% additional to the final price.

All customization asking will be followed by a quotation by e-mail, detailed according to the project. A 25% deposit is required from the point the quotation is agreed. Time of realisation may vary from 1 to 6 weeks according to the project.

Virtual tests are attached to the quotation and final pics will be sent before delivery of the guitar, so, no claim will be accepted about a "non conform" final project. As well, a swirl paint job is a random tehcnique and the result won't be contest.


Prices 2019/2020 : (euros €)



 Classic paint job only (basic package) 300
 Paint job with Glitters (metal flakes, colored, holo)   (1) 450
 Swirl paint with 2 or 3 colors   (1) 400
 Swirl paint with 4 colors   (1) 450
 Pearl, Iris, Cameleon, Crystal, Diamond, Fluo, Alu, Marble...   (1) 400
 Custom color   (1) 350
 Pattern, Airbrush

depending on the project

 Headstock matching (every kind of paint) 60
 Headstock matching with back of the neck 120
 Monkey grip on Ibanez RG (or other) 100
 Custom pickguard plexiglass (without paint) 50
 Guitar disassembling-reassembling (mecanical+electronics) 30
 Repair or modification of body depending on the project

(1) total prices, do not add the basic package


Paypal :

Once the quote is accepted, you can here make a direct and secure payment by Paypal.
Enter the TOTAL price (customizing + shipping if any)
increase of 4% will be applied.


Fidelity :

You have ever asked for my services ? A 10% discount will be applied to your next project !


Sponsorship :

You are one of my customers ?
Talk about my job to your friends, coming from you they'll get a
5% discount


Payment facilities :

2, 3 or 4 times payment is possible (the number depending on the price of quotation).
Bank checks will be sent with the guitar and will be cashed in 2, 3 or 4 months at the date you'll choose.


Shipping cost : (euros €)

  France European Union Africa - USA - Canada Asia - South America
guitar body only 10 20 40 60
body + neck 20 30 80 100